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Big Rig Trucking Company in Austin Texas offers access to a full spectrum of trucking services. We have years of experience and have shipped thousands of items locally and cross country, and we can help you set yourself apart from the competition with top notch shipping and logistics services.

We facilitate the whole range of trucking services, from car transport, freight shipping, heavy equipment transport, logistics and more.

Big Rig Trucking Company makes sure you get a secure and reliable delivery. We understand that our customers want their shipments delivered safely and on time. With a large network of drivers, we have a national footprint, with regional experience that will get your shipment where it needs to be, right on time.

Trucking Services

  • Freight Shipping
  • Heavy Hauling
  • Hazardous Materials Transport
  • Logistics
  • Car Transport
  • LTL Freight

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The Services of Big Rig Trucking Company

Besides having a reliable track record and a commitment to customer service, we also offer a large scope of trucking services. This means the types of cargo we can ship ranges the gamut from raw materials for manufacturing to a shipment of cars ready for the dealership. Different types of cargo bring with it different challenges, such as safely transporting the items without damage and various local custom laws that govern each type of cargo. We’re going to outline some of the major types of trucking services we provide below. 

Freight Shipping

You may have asked “what is considered freight shipping?” Shipments over 150 lbs is called freight. Freight shipping involves the movement of cargo, commodities, and goods by way of truck, airplane, ship and by intermodal transport. Freight shipping involves timely deliveries, although please let us know if you have a requirement for expedited delivery, and we can figure out the logistics to meet your due date. 

Heavy Hauling

Heavy haul trucking is the transport of overweight or oversized freight, which tends to be heavy machinery/equipment. Many of our customers have asked “what is considered a heavy haul?” Legally this would be defined by freight which is larger than the legal limitations for hauling on the road. Each state has it’s own standards for size limits, but in general a freight is considered heavy haul if it is larger than:

Gross Weight of 80,000 pounds
Width of 8.6 feet
Length of 50 feet
Height of 14 feet

Heavy haul loads also have regulations based on the number of axles. There are Federal laws which specify the weight that can be bore on each axle. This is because each axle will distribute the weight of the load, and prevent damages to the roads, highways, bridges and infrastructure in general. Here are some of the federal guidelines here.

Single axles are limited to 20,000 pounds each
Steer axles are limited to 12,000 pounds each
Tandem axles are limited to 34,000 pounds
Drive axles are limited to 34,000 pounds


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Hazardous Materials Transport

Transporting hazardous materials is not only a dangerous job, but it is also highly regulated by federal regulations. Many people have asked us “can I transport hazardous materials?” The answer would be, not legally. Federal law requires people to have a shipping paper that is outlined in the Hazardous Materials Carrier Responsibility or the HMR. And this is for good reason.

Improper care of hazardous materials could have catastrophic effects on your health, the safety of others around you, and have harmful effects to the environment. Transporting hazardous materials requires the proper equipment, experience handling the toxic materials, proper procedures for disposal of the material. Give us a call to learn more details on how we can assist you with hazardous material transport and disposal. 


Logistics in the world of trucking means the in-depth organization and execution of a shipping operation. It’s basically the management of all the steps that are required for moving freight, which might involve considerations such as type of cargo, the weight, coordinating the timing, coordinating the mode of transportation, staying compliant with federal and state regulations, and much more. 

Car Transport/Auto Transport

Car transport is pretty straight forward, just transporting your car from one location to another. Our customers can range from individuals that are relocating or car dealerships that moving a fleet of cars. Many of our customers have asked us in the past, “how much is it to transport a car?” This can vary a lot based on your location, destination, the size of your car, the type of transport, and other factors. However on average you can expect a cost of around $710, with a short trip closer to $300 up to $2,100 for a cross country shipment. Call us today and we can give you a specific quote on your situation.

 What is a dry van?

A dry van is a fully enclosed semi-trailer, which is designed to protect your shipment from the outside weather conditions. They can carry boxed freight, loose freight, and palletized freight. They do not have temperature control, like refrigerated or “reefer” units, and also are limited from carrying oversized shipments.

Dry van is one of the most popular ways to ship your goods. Dry van is also referred to as a “box trailer” or “dry van trailer”, and can hold truckload shipments, or less-than-truckload shipments. 


What is LTL freight?

A LTL (or less-than-truckload) freight shipment is made up of cargo that weighs in excess of 150 pounds. Typically the shipment is palletized. As you might guess, a less-than-truckload freight is shipped by truck, and requires only a portion of the carrying capacity of the truck. Because of it’s limited load, LTL can be a more economical way to ship your load. LTL shipments are less urgent than express freight, which is transported by plane, and that is another reason why it is more economical.


What’s a trucking company?

A trucking company is generally a company that ships cargo with their proprietary trucks and drivers. At times they may have loads from customers that they might not be able to service directly. In this case we may call upon our trusted network of experience truck drivers in order to fulfill certain orders.


How do trucking companies operate?

Trucking companies can range the gamut from having a single truck, to having thousand of trucks with many different truck drivers. The United States Labor department estimated that about 70% of everything you eat, wear, or purchase for your home, school, or office, was hauled by a truck. Trucks are also responsible for transporting the raw materials from supplier to manufacturer to produce all the good as well. Organizing the logistics of a trucking company be complicated and challenging, which is why it’s important to work with experienced professionals.

What states do you operate in?

You may ask, where can I find a trucking company near me? As a trucking company in the USA, we have a network of experienced truck drivers, and we operate in all 50 states. The advantage of having that established network in all 50 states, is that we have experience and knowledge of all the local region. Each state has it’s own local custom laws and regulations, as well as unique environmental and weather challenges. Each situation requires experience, and with our network of truck drivers in each state, we can accommodate nearly any type of shipping need, to anywhere. 

Where can I find a flatbed trucking company near me?

Right here actually. Our national network is connected with experienced flatbed truckers with the right equipment to help you move your goods. Flatbed’s are typically used with cargo that can’t be loaded due to the restrictions of a dry van, are hard or impossible to be loaded from a dock, and won’t fit in the standard dimensions of a truck. Since flatbed’s aren’t covered, it also makes it possible to load objects with cranes and fork lifts from all angles, which would be impossible with enclosed trailers. 

Where can I find a flatbed trucking company near me?

Many flatbed trailers are 48 feet long and 8.5 feet wide. Although the lack of an enclosure allows you to carry cargo that maybe much taller than other types of trailers, you still must be aware of legal limits and also the potential hazards of driving with a very tall load. There are different types of flatbeds such as goose neck (RGN), step deck, and double drops. The step deck and double drop both have lowered sections of the bed, which allows taller cargo to fit, while staying under the legal high limit. If you have concerns that your cargo maybe too tall, give us a call today. We can definitely consult with you to see which options will work for your situation.  

Are you a trucking company that ships motorcycles?

If you need to ship your motorcycle to another location, you are in luck! Here at Big Rig Trucking Company in Austin we provide motorcycle shipping from coast to coast. Motorcycles are unique cargo, and awfully expensive machinery, and therefore require a lot of experience, proper packing, and storage techniques in order to transport without damaging. Whether your moving, or want to have your bike shipped to a vacation destination to go riding, give us a call today. We can give you a quote, just let us know when and where you need to ship your bike.  

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