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Trucking Services

Besides our dedication to service and reliability, we also offer a diverse selection of trucking services. This means the types of cargo we carry ranges from raw materials for manufacturing to a shipment of cars ready for the dealership. Different types of cargo bring with it different challenges, such as shipping any object without damage and abiding by various local customs laws that govern each type of cargo. Here are some major types of trucking services [company] provides.

Heavy Hauling

Heavy Haul Trucking refers to the transport of overweight cargo, often heavy machinery. If you are considering such services, please contact us with your questions. A heavy haul is legally defined by freight which exceeds the legal limitations for hauling on the road. Each state has it’s own laws limiting weight limits and regulating truck loads.

Freight Shipping

You may have asked, “What is considered freight shipping?” Freight shipping involves the movement of cargo, commodities, and goods by way of truck, for shipments over 150 pounds. We offer a wide range of trucking services, and freight shipping is one of our specialties. We can meet your all of supply chain needs, including fast deliveries – let us know if you have any expedite requests!

Car Transport/Auto Transport

Car transport is just like it sounds, moving your car from one location to another. Our customers can range from individuals that are relocating or car dealerships that moving a fleet of cars. Many of our customers have asked us in the past, “how much is it to transport a car?” This can vary depending on where you’re located, where you’re going, the transportation method, and other factors. However, on average you can expect to pay around $800-1200 for a car transport or about $900-$1600 if it is a long distance and/or international move.


Logistics in terms of trucking is the organization and execution of the trucking operations. It’s pretty much managing all the steps that are required for moving freight, which might involve considerations such as type of cargo, weight, coordinating timing, mode of transportation and staying compliant with federal and state regulations.

Hazardous Materials Transport

Transporting hazardous materials can be a dangerous pursuit. The DOT regulates the transportation of hazardous material to ensure that it is done safely, so you know if your trucking company does not have the proper paperwork in order, then they are breaking federal law and could face serious fines or worse.
Improper care of hazardous materials can have devastating effects on your health, the safety of others around you, and to the environment. Transporting hazardous materials requires the proper equipment, experience handling toxic chemicals or biological agents, procedures for disposal of contaminated items. Give us a call if you need help with hazardous material transport and disposal.

Big Rig Trucking Company Austin Logo