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 We’re a trucking company that specializes in freight shipping and serves the people of Bushy Creek, Texas. Freight Shipping is one of the most typical kinds of transport we supply, and it can be for any kind of cargo from raw materials to cars and trucks. When it comes to safely transporting them without damage or meeting local custom laws, it’s important to note that each type has different challenges.

If you have a load of raw materials for manufacturing, they need to be transported at an appropriate temperature so they don’t spoil during transport. If you have a delivery of cars and trucks all set for the dealership, there specify safety requirements that should be fulfilled before they can lawfully cross state lines.

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Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is the method of moving products by means of truck, ship or rail. Freight Shipping is thought about any shipment over 150 pounds and shipments in this category consist of trucking, intermodal rail freight (consisting of train-to-ship transfer), marine freight (shipping to/from another nation), shortsea shipping (between US ports) and inland barging.

Shipments that fall into one of these classifications are designated as “freight” and they generally require heavy devices for packing, unloading, or other transport-related activities. ; ocean containers need a crane to be offloaded once they reach port whereas air shipments may be palletized and ready to be driven away by a forklift.

Heavy Hauling

Heavy haul trucking is a niche industry that needs specific devices and motorists. While there are many regulations in place to guarantee the safety of all parties involved, this also makes it difficult for companies who require to move freight over these legal restrictions.

At Big Rig Trucking Company we deal with our customers to find solutions that fit their requirements and budget plan. We have access to carriers across the country which suggests we can get your freight moved no matter where you’re situated. With decades of experience behind us, we understand how important it is for our customers’ shipments to arrive safely and on time. Our objective is constantly 100% client complete satisfaction so if you’re trying to find a heavy haul trucking company give us a call today!


Making certain that all the right steps are required to guarantee a smooth transport of goods is difficult. There’s a great deal of compliances and policies involved, in addition to numerous other aspects like weather, traffic jam and so on.

With a lot at stake when it pertains to logistics, you need to make sure everything goes efficiently. You do not desire your delivery postponed or lost due to some unforeseen event. That can be really expensive for any company!

The solution is in hiring an experienced trucking and logistic business like BIG RIG TRUCKING COMPANY who have years of experience in the field and know how to manage even the most difficult shipping scenarios with ease! These business will take care of every action required from start till end– consisting of getting permits and licenses if needed– so you can concentrate on running your organization without having to worry about anything else but making sales!

Dry Van

A dry van is a totally enclosed semi-trailer, which is developed to secure your belongings from the components. It’s made of hard steel and normally has roving around the edges to keep items from shifting in transit. Dry vans are available in a number of various sizes, with 20′- (6m) and 40′ (.12 km) being popular lengths.

As pointed out above, dry vans usually have roaming around the edges to keep products from shifting in transit. This not only protects them against any damages that may be caused throughout delivery however likewise prevents any undesirable spills or overfills too. These sort of trailers utilize tarpaulin sheets at the top for additional defense versus water damage coming down unexpectedly.

Motorcycle Transport

Moving your motorcycle is a lot more difficult than moving the rest of your belongings. Motorcycles are unique cargo, and awfully expensive machinery, and therefore require a lot of experience, proper packing, and storage techniques in order to transport without damaging. Whether you’re moving or want to have it shipped for vacation purposes, give us a call today. We can give you a quote just let us know when and where you need it shipped.

Big Rig Trucking Company provides motorcycle shipping from coast to coast. We offer professional service with years of experience at an affordable price that will fit any budget. Call us today!

How do Trucking Companies Work?

Trucking companies come in all sizes and shapes. Most often, they have a fleet of trucks with company drivers. This usually means that their primary business is trucking, although it could be shipping or logistics, in which case they might hire others for the driving component of the job. They could also just be an independent driver; these are the truckers who you see not longer than a mile away from any highway exit ramp. Trucking provides jobs for some 14 million people in the United States alone; there are just under 6 million company tractor-trailer trucks on US roads at any given time. It’s estimated that there are around 300 thousand owner/operators truck drivers out there as well.

Bushy Creek Texas Facts

Bushy Creek is open to the public for fishing and hunting. Bushy Creek lies six miles (9.6 kilometers) northwest of Brenham, Texas on Highway 36 in Washington County. The City of Brenham owns about 2,400 acres (971 hectares) in this scenic area that is used for fishing and hunting under permits issued by city officials. The waterway flows south from Mud Creek for eleven miles (17 kilometers) before joining Cedar Bayou near Scroggins Regional Airport. Beavers were trapped out long ago leaving only muskrats behind, but there are still a myriad of birds found along the creek including wood ducks and Eastern kingbirds.


Big Rig Trucking Company Austin Logo